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Getting started your career with as CAD Library Publisher (making 3D Models and DWG Blocks).

Making CAD done is not an easy task. Most of services across the globe are highly expensive or files ratio between quality and value is so low that making 3D render with downloaded models is simply not efficient. come with simple idea of reverting creation process and sharing all files with community where Publishers are responsible for making CAD files and Editors setting up all parameters necessary for a publisher section to succeed.

Well, many of us have from time to time a bit of energy to create new files. We are facilitating resources to publish them and together with Google Adsense Program and Google AdWords Clients we prepare specially design catalogs where your work is rewarded to the rest of your life and you can use our servers to store and share dwg, 3ds, iam and dxf files with community of architects, engineers and designers across the globe.

Designed files are free for download to all members or guests. All files are presented as 3D models equal to 2D Blocks design to be useful during blueprints preparations. CAD Files are made with standards T-5 years (2014-5=2009) version. It is very important for us to be compatible with older extensions. CAD Software used for files preparations is usually AutoDesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor and 3D Studio MAX. However several architects are working with Autodesk Revit and Google SketchUP. Selecting software for publisher is not important and is entirely up to your choice and comfort. CAD Files must be exported as presented in library so we will keep integrity and proper order.

Uploading CAD Files is very simple. We have several editors responsible for looking after you and correcting your work, in case of questions they are there to help you. Your only task is to prepare cad files, all other aspects of publications lily with them (naming, choosing proper sections or keeping them deliver across the globe).


Library Files Distribution

All CAD Community developers are advertised via newsletter, search engine rankings and other campaigns. Generated and exposed CAD Files adsense incomes for our publishers goes directly to author accounts. Presented CAD Files in our library are protected via canonical links with date of creation what is giving to original authors all right to be copyrighted with free sharing option. CAD File source is also visible in SAT extension together with date and application ID.